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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cannibalism in wild bonobos

Last year we found out bonobos eat monkeys and now a case of cannibalism in bonobos is being reported by Drs. Fowler and Hohmann from the MPI-EVA. The chimpanzee-bonobo gap gets smaller and smaller...-MA

Fowler A, Hohmann G (2010) Cannibalism in wild bonobos (Pan paniscus) at Lui Kotale. Am. J. Primatol. 71:1-6


We describe the cannibalization of an infant bonobo (circa 2.5 years old) at Lui Kotale, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The infant died of unknown causes and was consumed by several community members including its mother and an older sibling one day after death. Certain features concerning the pattern of consumption fit in with previously observed episodes of cannibalism in Pan, whereas others, such as the mother's participation in consuming the body, are notable. The incident suggests that filial cannibalism among apes need not be the result of nutritional or social stress and does not support the idea that filial cannibalism is a behavioral aberration.


Blood-Shot Heart said...

Damn, Dirty Apes

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I would have never thought that bonobos would eat other monkeys because they are too protective and with parental behaviors. I guess that when hunger strikes, bonobos do what they have to in order to survive

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These crazy monkeys have made me laugh a lot, they really know very well how to amuse me for a long time, in fact, apes are my favorite animal.

By the way, this cannibalism must be a sign that something wrong is gonna happen.

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Bad bonobos. Really never think that bonobos can eat the monkey...Really very bad.

Anonymous said...

Great. Simply a ritual cannibalism. It is a ritualistic burial, demonstration of respect for the loved one. Ritual cannibalism demonstrates the desire to carry the loved one forever with you. He left the body, the body returns.