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Monday, February 1, 2010

Name a Goualougo chimpanzee!

You have the chance to name a chimpanzee featured in this month's National Geographic Magazine. The adult male chimpanzee in print on page 138-139 is quickly becoming famous as his story is read by millions of readers around the world.

It was only recently that the unique cultural behaviors of chimpanzees in the Goualougo Triangle were discovered. This adult male was the first to be photographed using a complex tool set.

All of the other chimpanzee in the National Geographic article have names, see "Jane" on page 131 and "Dorothy" with her baby "Oz" on page 143.

GTAP's Top Fundraiser will have the honor of naming this legendary chimpanzee. To put the importance of this in perspective, just think of other chimpanzee icons such as "Fifi" and "Flo" at Jane Goodall's Gombe site.

Donate via the Goualougo causes facebook page and recruit to be the Top Fundraiser by March 1st!

All donations will go to support GTAP field teams!

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