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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hipster Science

Do you hate hipsters? Are you a nerd? Then you will love hipster science! (you might also enjoy it if you are an actual hipster). Excellent tweets like:
  • CMastication: My research question? You’ve never heard of it. #hipsterscience
  • ajebsary: I only publish in PLoS journals, out of principle. #OpenScience is my mantra and impact factor is for jokers. #HipsterScience
  • medscholaradaml: Powerpoint? No thanks I’m using this overhead projector for my thesis defense #hipsterscience
  • superkash: I use my own heirloom goat’s milk for blocking buffers. #hipsterscience
  • dorsalstream: I only work with skinny genes. #hipsterscience
Read more at Hipster Science and thanks to Nelson T for the link!

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