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Friday, November 27, 2009

David Suzuki blasts media for excessively poor climate change reporting

editor's note: This is a perfect follow up post to the Ed Begley Jr. video I found yesterday. First off, I think Dr. Suzuki is right. The media and us as media consumers, do not care about problems that are so big they seem out of control; but scientists/advocates are also to blame. Scientists are not good at reaching the population and disseminating their important messages. If we wanna hate on the population as a whole, media & government, we also must look at ourselves (environmental advocates, conservationists and scientists) and hate on ourselves for being ineffective as well. For the perfect discussion of this, watch the movie Flock of Dodos.- M.A.
Thanks to Chrissie E. link for the link.

Flock of Dodos trailer

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