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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill Threatens Human Rights

Please visit the care2 petition site and consider signing the petition against Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill.
The site states:
There is a dangerous proposal that threatens the human rights of LGBT people in Uganda.

If passed, Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill would start a witch-hunt for homosexuals in the country. Its punishments include:
  • A 7 year jail sentence for consenting adults who have LGBT sex
  • A life sentence for people in same-sex marriages
  • Extradition and prosecution of LGBT Ugandans living abroad
  • The death penalty for adults who have LGBT sex with minors or who communicate HIV via LGBT sex, regardless of condom usage
  • Jail for anyone who doesn't report suspected LGBT activity within 24 hours
The bill also endangers HIV/AIDS programs, and may be exploited by those wanting to abolish these programs.

This proposed legislation is anti-ethical, anti-equality and anti-human rights. Tell Uganda's President Museveni that this bill is unacceptable, and that people should not be criminalized for sexual orientation or gender identity.
For a good overview of the issue please see TIME magazine's article "Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill: Inspired by the U.S."

Please go the petition site and consider signing!

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