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Monday, May 31, 2010

Donkey Abuse.

The Greek Cycladic Islands are my happy place. I love absolutely everything about them, the people, the food, the culture, the architecture, the nature, the parties, the beach, the weather, its all perfection! I would say most Greeks are animal lovers and treat the local animals quite well, but sometimes the animal welfare standards are a bit... dated. Luckily there are FANTASTIC animal protection organizations on many of the islands (one of my favorite's is NAWS on Naxos). Even if you don't sign this petition, please do not use the donkeys as a means of transport on the islands until at least the standards are truly brought up to snuff. - MA

Petition to stop the abuse of Donkey Taxis in Santorini
from the donkey sanctuary

After working for many years with the Municipality of Santorini and the donkey owners themselves, The Donkey Sanctuary is sad to announce that because of their continued lack of effort to improve working conditions for the donkey taxis, we can no longer support them.

Having helped the Municipality to set up a code of practice which governed the use of the donkeys on Santorini and providing the owners with free veterinary care and advice for their animals, we recently discovered that the whole operation was a sham and that the procedures were only being adhered to when we were visiting the island! This tied in with reports from tourists who gave a completely different account to the situation we were being shown during our visits...

...Unless the Municipality and the donkey owners make major improvements to the working conditions for the donkey taxis and their terrible refuge, we plan to escalate this major campaign further.

Please support our campaign to STOP THE ABUSE IN SANTORINI

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