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Thursday, September 2, 2010

*updated* Research Elephant "Winston" killed for Ivory in Amboseli

Update: today, Cynthia Moss posted the final picture of Winston on her facebook. She writes:
"I hate to have to post this photo but I think it's necessary. This is Winston."

To end on a slightly more hopeful note though, Sean Whyte posted the following on his facebook today:
"If you think you're too small to be effective, you have never been in a bedroom with a mosquito.-Anon"
Original post (August 29th 2010):

From (ATE: Amboseli Trust for Elephants) by Cynthia Moss:
One of Amboseli's up-and-coming prime bulls was killed by poachers the day before yesterday. Winston had just turned 30 in January of this year and was regularly coming into musth. It should have been just the beginning of a successful breeding life but he was cut down for his ivory tusks.

I felt particularly close to Winston because he was one of 14 calves I chose for a special study in 1980. I carried out research on mother-calf bonds and calf development on these calves and so I spent hours with them in the first year of their lives.

From Cynthia Moss' facebook page:

Here's a photo of Winston. He was easy to recognize because he had a huge chunk out of his left ear. His mother was Willa of the WA family and he was born in January 1980. At 30 years old he was only just entering his prime. I fear we are going to lose all of Amboseli's older bulls.
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