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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primate conservation field course in Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania (July-August 2011)

There is a really great primate conservation field school for undergrads and new grad students being held in Tanzania in 2011. Dr. Nelson Ting (a friend and colleague of mine) will be teaching it and I can guarantee you it will be one of the best courses you ever take! Not only is he extremely entertaining, he also has tons of field and laboratory experience so you will leave the course having been taught by a master AND its in Tanzania! Go the flyer for more information. -MA

Program Description
This course will focus on the issues facing the conservation of primates in disturbed and threatened habitats, including an examination of complex human-wildlife conflicts that arise between primate habitats and neighboring human settlements (e.g.,deforestation and hunting). Students will observe numerous primate species including yellow baboons, Sykes monkeys, black and white colobus, as well as the Endangered Sanje mangabey and Iringa red colobus, which are found only in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania. Throughout the course, students will learn basic conservation biology theory as well as methods for primate observation and ecological data collection.

This four-week program will run from mid-July to mid-August. Please check the webpage in Spring 2011 for exact dates.

For lots more information check out the flyer HERE


Nelson Ting
Program Director
Department of Anthropology

TREE Field Studies:


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