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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sherman's Lagoon TED talk: how a catoonist can change the world.

When I accidentally ended up taking anthro 101 for my undergrad social science requirement (all the cool courses were full :P), I remember what I loved about the field was (the claim at least) that it is holistic. Meaning that any one approach to understanding our evolutionary history was not going to cut it. I think that is true of most of the interesting things that we study and the problems we are trying to solve. It irks me, when people think they have come up with "the solution" or "the approach". Are we not at a point where we realize that things are incredibly interconnected and no one way is going to work everywhere (or anywhere for that matter). For example, when people say "surveys aren't conservation" or even that "conservation science isn't conservation". It's true, a survey alone or a study on any aspect of conservation is nothing without followup, but we are all contributing our puzzle pieces. Yes, law enforcement is important and currently lacking, but without conservation education and knowing what we are protecting, conservation cannot work in the long term. My point is, we can all do our part, no matter how small, to change people's minds and make conservation and ecological sustainability a global concern and goal. A cartoon strip might not seem much like conservation, but imagine how many young minds Jim Toomey has touched, how many people are thinking about conservation when maybe they would not have otherwise.-MA


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