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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

*updated* Bad News from Bwindi

(original post June 20, 2011)
Just posted by the Gorilla organization facebok page: "Just heard some awful news from Bwindi - blackback Mizano has been found dead, and looks like he was murdered by poachers. Will let you know more as soon as we hear more. Sorry to bring you such a tragic story on a Monday"

From what I can tell Mizano is a blackback from the habituated Habinyanja gorilla group

From the Ugandan Wildlife Authority facebook page:
Merciless poachers on Friday morning of June 17th,speared one of most playful mountain gorillas called Mizaano of Habinyanja Family.The paochers had laid traps targeting antelopes which ended up catching the gorilla.During a fierce fight between the gorilla and the dogs,the paochers are believed to have speared the gorilla to save their dogs,their lifeline.Suspects are gradually being apprehended.

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