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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank You! DNApes is 4th best Primatology blog for students

The E-advisor blog just listed the DNApes blog as the #4 best Primatology blog for students! (and i LOVE their description:)
"DNApes: DNApes, given their title, isn't one to shy away from mixing humor with primatology. (The picture on their Facebook page speaks volumes.) They post a variety of news articles and video links, with the occasional joke or fake story thrown in for good measure. Lighthearted but never dumb."
Thanks to everyone for your readership and comments, you make me want to keep posting! And of course thank you to all the wonderful people out there doing really great (and ethical) science, inspiring conservation work and everyone with an amazing sense of humour that i totally steal from. THANK YOU!!!

Please check out the entire list here, there are lots of other great blogs out there for all your science and conservation news and opinions, there are a bunch I can't wait to explore! A special plug for Vanessa Wood's page: Your Inner bonobo who i have cross posted from many times! My other two favorites are and Serious Monkey Business which I think are really well written too.

Thanks again!


seriousmonkeybusiness said...

Thank you kindly! And likewise, in return. :)

Mimi Arandjelovic said...

my pleasure - its all true!