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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buy traditional BaAka jewlery online - support conservation and local traditions.

You can now buy authentic traditional BaAka Pygmy jewlery online from KambaTiBa'Aka!

By purchasing traditional BaAka Pygmy jewelry you can help to maintain the medical care system of the BaAka around Bayanga in Central African Republic.

You can check out their facebook page HERE

There is a gallery full of pictures of the various offerings
1 necklace OR pair of earrings for 4 Euro
2 for 7 Euro
3 for 10 Euro

More form the facebook page:
We are a non profit organization marketing traditional BaAka Pygmy jewelry to maintain the medical care system of the BaAka people around Bayanga in the Dzanga- Sangha Protected Area in Central African Republic. In order to achieve this goal we are working closely together with the Dzanga Sangha Project and WWF Germany.

We purchase jewelry directly from EVERY BaAka family in the two villages Yandoumbe and Moussapoulla. Thereby the number of jewelry we buy from each family is based on the number of children it has. We guarantee you that half of the money you pay for the jewelry goes directly into the hands of the manufacturer. The other half will go into the health fund. Through this fund people get free medicine at the local clinic.

The bigger the health fund, the more people can get medical treatment. That´s why we need your help! Help us to maintain the BaAkas’ health fund and make it grow! Purchase one (or more!) of the beautiful necklaces or earrings. Every piece is unique, they are all handmade and out of natural materials gathered by the BaAka in the rain forest.

We are happy to send your order to wherever far you live, but we´ll need to ask you to pay for shipping at extra cost.

Please send your order to :-)

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