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Sunday, June 27, 2010

AT LEAST 783 birds, 355 sea turtles and 41 mammals dead due to oil spill so far. Others displaying odd behaviours...

Sometimes I fell so powerless against issues like this oil spill in the gulf that I can't really read too much about it which is why I haven't been posting all that much on the subject. It's just such a tragedy. Even if you aren't an "animal lover" or "tree hugger" you have to find the fact that these animals are behaving so oddly tragic and heartbreaking. -MA

From via the facebook page

Dolphins and other aquatic life are coming to shorelines to escape spill

Dolphins and sharks are appearing in large numbers in the shallow waters of Florida beaches. Crabs Stingrays, and fish have shown up by the thousands along the Alabama Pier. Marine scientists believe this strange behavior is caused by the aquatic life seeking refuge from the danger of the BP oil spill.

Marine scientists studying the effects of the BP disaster are seeing some strange phenomena.

Scientists believe the wildlife is fleeing oil infested water and searching out cleaner waters along the coast. Their gathering in shallow shore waters is proof that their natural habitat is polluted. However their congregating in shallow water could result in mass deaths as they run out of oxygen.

Marine life is just beginning to display odd behavior as they struggle against a nemesis that they cannot understand or defeat. As each day passes scientists are finding dead birds, sea turtles and other marine life in heartbreaking numbers. The latest numbers are: 783 birds, 355 sea turtles and 41 mammals. However, because of the size of the spill they are only finding a small portion of the dead animals out there. For instance many birds are taking refuge deep in the Louisiana marshes seeking shelter from the spill and die there.

As for the fish, researchers are still trying to determine where exactly they are migrating to understand the full scope of the disaster, and no scientific consensus has emerged about the trend. It is difficult to tally up the fish deaths as often they are eaten by larger predators.

Fish are gathering along shores in massive groups because their natural waters are tainted with oil and being depleted of oxygen. Sadly their instincts for survival could prove to be deadly as more oil washes ashore and overwhelms the fish. By moving to the shoreline they have literally trapped themselves. As more life comes to the shorelines the more competition for oxygen. Sadly in the end their instinct to survive may bring about their deaths.

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