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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sign the Petition! Make the EU BAN illegal timber!

Every year, illegal-logging wreaks havoc on our world, destroying our forests and fuelling corruption and poverty.

The European Parliament has proposed strong legislation to prevent illegal timber from entering the market and within days, the European Union could adopt bold new laws. But powerful import companies are trying to weaken the legislation -- lobbying the Council members for the removal of penalties and criminal sanctions.

The Council will decide soon -- let’s build an enormous public outcry urging them to protect forests and end illegal timber imports. Sign the petition below, then forward it around to your friends. The petition will be delivered before the Council vote:

To European law-makers:
We call on you to ban illegally harvested timber and timber products from the EU market. Ensure clear obligations for all timber operators and impose a minimum level of sanctions and penalties on offenders. The protection of the world's forests depends on you.

Go to the AVAAZ website to sign

Thanks to Naim M for the link!

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