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Saturday, June 19, 2010

LOL!!! Geekologie post on Tsintaosaurus (aka Dildino)

This really made me laugh, i had to share-MA

Tsintaosaurus: The Sexiest Dino I Ever Saw

"Tsintaosaurus was like the unicorn of the Cretaceous Period. Except, instead of corns, they had penises growing out of their heads. Thanks, God!

Tsintaosaurus was a duck-billed dinosaur, or Hadrosaur, that lived in China about 84 to 71 million years ago. Like many Lambeosaurs, Tsintaosaurus is believed to have sported a fancy crest on its head. In this case, the crest is a skinny rod that stuck out above of the dinosaur's face much like a mythical unicorn's horn. A while back it was believed that this crest is actually just a piece of the animal's top jaw that had broken and become bent upwards. Then another specimen was found with the exact same feature, thus leading most people once again to believe that this animal indeed sported a unicorn crest.

Listen: unicorn horn, rod, crest -- I don't care what you call it, I just want it inside me.

CLICK HERE for a couple more shots of sexiest thing I've ever seen, including a close-up."

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