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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Support this crazy Mofo :) Dude is cycling from north to south africa (!!!) to raise money for mosquito nets

via the Africa Geographic facebook page

Peter Gostelow is cycling across Africa (from north to south) to raise money and awareness for anti-malaria mosquito nets. He has a great blog at and you can follow him on facebook and twitter as well and then go here to support him on his donation page. Nets are 5$ (USD) each or you can just donate whatever amount you like and you can pay by almost every method possible, its very easy and for a great cause! -MA
From his facebook page:

On August 16th 2009 I began a solo and unsupported expedition, by bicycle, from the UK-CapeTown. My route will take me through France, Spain and Portugal, before continuing to west, central and southern Africa - over 25 countries and 20,000km.
This is my second major bicycle expedition, having cycled 50,000km from Japan-UK(

As Malaria kills more people in Africa than any other disease, I'm raising money along the way to buy mosquito nets.This is the cheapest and most effective way of preventing the disease. 100% of the money raised will go on nets and a donation of just £3 guarantees that someone receives a net. It is me, with the help of the Against Malaria Foundation charity, who will be distributing the nets. My target is to raise £1 for every kilometre cycled. Help keep me motivated on the road by pledging a donation to The Big Africa Cycle.

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